Year: 2021

Alert! Digital crooks are sending counterfeit update installers of windows 11, realize how to secure

Computer-laptop users are very excited about the new operating system (OS) Windows 11 of the tech company Microsoft. They want to install the new version of this OS in their machine and use it as soon as possible. Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of this curiosity of the users. They

Presently not just the police, the public authority likewise helps in getting the taken telephone back, realize what is the way

The mobile phone is one of the most important things for us. In today’s time, our phone does all kinds of work from watches to wallets, cameras, and shops. We can buy things through our phones and are doing many banking, studies, office work through this. Especially in the Corona

schedule messages on whatsapp

Now the hassle of remembering friends’ birthdays is over, schedule messages months in advance with this trick of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Schedule messages: WhatsApp, an instant messaging app designed for chatting, has become an important part of everyone’s life nowadays. We also use WhatsApp to send invitations to our relatives, from important office work to household matters. This app has gone far beyond chatting. But still, people are aware of


Your Gmail is filled with unnecessary Emails, delete the useless mails together like this

Gmail could be a well-liked email feature worldwide. In today’s time, crores of users use this service and it’s used from personal to the official level. Currently from Gregorian calendar month one, Google goes to eliminate the free unlimited area during which the unlimited storage on Google Photos can finish