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In today’s time, all people are using smartphones but you know that radiation comes out of the smartphone, so that we can have any kind of illness such as depression. Still, such smartphones are being sold in the market.
According to the standard of the INSARL, any phone should not have more than 1.6 watts per kilo radiation, but still, the company does not keep this in mind and sells its phone in the market.
If you want to know how much of your phone’s Radiation, then dial * # 07 # from your phone and you will know how much radiation your phone gets, it will look at you on 2 levels, first¬† ahead and Second body With the information of Head Radisson, you get to know that when you talk to someone on the phone then your phone’s radiation level will be higher and the body level when you are doing something else on the phone or you have the phone in your pocket Then what will be the radiation level of that time phone then?

 How To Remain On The smartphones Of The Radisson

1- Whenever you are charging your phone, do not let that time mobile because a number of radiation on the phone is more than due-time.
2- Always use headphones while talking to anyone on mobiles.
3- Do not use mobiles whenever your phone has a signal or battery is low because of the radiation level of the phone increases by due-time.

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