how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to  PC, if you do not have a Bluetooth compatible PC.You have brought this timetable of your choice so that you will be able to connect your PC with the Bluetooth headphone, for this you will not need any software and you can put it on your own.
This is a small adapter that lets you add your Bluetooth headphone to the seven pairs of your PC. it,s price very low.

Storin™ Mini Bluetooth Wireless USB 2.0 Dongle Adapter For Computer 

connect bluetooth headphones to pc

Product description

Storin Electro World Mini Bluetooth Wireless USB 2.0 Dongle Adapter.

Brand: Storin Electro World

Connector: USB 2.0

About Mini Bluetooth adapter:

Bluetooth USB dongle creates cable-free connections between your PCs and other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth enabled headsets, speakers, cell phones, keyboard or mouse at speeds of up to 3 Mbps.

This Bluetooth adapter is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista. For Windows 7 and above versions, it supports plug and play.

Simple Plug-and-Play Operation :

connect bluetooth headphones to pc

The wireless USB 2.0 Bluetooth dongle Enter comes with multi-language support and voice data function that makes it convenient for use. It has 3Mbps data transmission rate and facilitates ultra-fast transmission of data from one device to another. Compliant with USB v1.1 and v2.0, this USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter features the simple plug and play functionality.

When connected to your computer system, this dongle streams music wirelessly and lets you groove to your playlist through Bluetooth-enabled earphones, speakers or audio receivers. Portable and compact in size, you can carry it wherever you go.

Additional Features :

Connect to the world of web or to other devices through wireless technology., wireless USB Bluetooth dongle featuring 2GHz processing speed lets you experience seamless navigation, sharing data and web browsing., Just connect it to the USB port of your notebook, laptop, PC, PDA or mobile phone and enjoy receiving or transferring data within a 100m range.

Designed to support LAN access, fax, dial-up, networking and headsets, The wireless USB Bluetooth dongle is compatible with most operating systems like Windows 98/ 98se/ Me/ 2000/ 7 32 bit/ Vista/ XP.

If you want to buy this adapter so buy this link:



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