Are you a Facebook user or a product ?

Whether you are a Facebook user or a product for Facebook, if you use Facebook to talk only to people or use your photo or video, then you are a Facebook product, and if you are selling it on your own product So you have the user.

  The Facebook user or a product

Nowadays, all people use Facebook. You can talk to people here, download your photos, dump your videos, speak your thoughts with the people.
People did not know about social media when Facebook was launched in 2004, but Facebook made its very good marketing by which people started joining it and today millions of people in the world are using it.
But sometimes you have thought that why does Facebook use Facebook free for you? Today we will talk about this.

When we create our account in Facebook, then Facebook asks you a lot of information such as your name, age, address, email, what you like and what you do not like, and we give all this information to Facebook Giving.

In today’s time, all the digital is becoming digital and the data you have given to Facebook is very important for digital marketing, Facebook is selling your information to companies and earning good money.

Some people are also misusing this information, so many people do not face problems.
Now you have seen on Facebook that the advertisement on Facebook has started to increase so that there is no pleasure in using Facebook.

But if you give your product advertisement here, then it is a good tool and you can earn well from it.
So if you believe that Facebook is not a product of Facebook, then add your product to Facebook, only then Facebook is useful for you.

And if you only use for social use of the FB, then you will not be putting your personal information is good for you.

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