Can iOS 15 be removed from iPhone?

There are two ways to restore iOS backup to iPhone: one using iCloud backup and the other using computer. Since we already ruled out the second option, you might be thinking “Can I restore my iPhone using iCloud backup?”. While this is true, for iCloud backups to work, you need to get to the “Hello” screen. This screen only appears when you first start your iPhone or after you erase its content.

Even if you wipe data from your iPhone, your device will start with a fresh copy of iOS 16, not iOS 15. iCloud backups can only be restored if the base version of iOS you’re running on your iPhone is the same as the base version when you backed up your device. Since your current iPhone version is iOS 16 and your backup was made when you were running iOS 15, this is a delay. To get to this “Hello” screen, you need a Mac or a computer with iTunes which should help you restore your iPhone to the latest stable version of iOS.

How to downgrade from iOS 15.7.2 to iOS 15.7.1

Here’s what you need to do to downgrade to iOS 15.7.1 on your iPhone. During the downgrade, you can’t use your phone, so you’ll have to open it on your computer or other device.

If you made an archive backup, you can use it after you restore it. If you do this right after the release of iOS 15.7.2, you might have a backup of iOS 15.7.1 available in iCloud or on your computer.

How to Downgrade iOS 16 on iPhone to iOS 15

Make sure to back up your iPhone before beginning this process. If you don’t take a backup, you may have permanent data loss and lose everything on your device.

  1. Open Finder on a Mac or iTunes on a Windows PC and select your iPhone from the side menu
  2. Navigate to the “Summary” section, then hold down the OPTION key for a Mac or the SHIFT key on a PC, and click the “Restore” button
  3. Navigate to the iOS 15 IPSW file that corresponds to your iPhone model that you have already downloaded
  4. Choose “Restore”

Option 2: Update to the official public release of iOS 16

This second option is probably easier, but very time-dependent.

With this option, you can update the beta software to the public version of this software release. Are you already lost? Let’s take an example to illustrate the situation.

Method 1: Remove Apple ID without password from App Store

You can do it without password if all you want to do is remove your Apple ID from App Store. The specific procedure will vary slightly depending on the iOS version.

On newer versions of iOS:

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