How often should you buy a new phone?

Research firm Strategy Analytics released a report last week that, among other things, states that a growing number of people in the United States plan to keep their smartphones for 3 years or more.

Since the US wireless market seems to be based on the idea that users will upgrade every year or two, this seems like a significant change… even if it’s pretty hard to tell if it’s a egg or chicken

Change it if it has scratches over time

It is very common for your cell phone cases to get scratched over time and does not provide good protection for your device. This damage is especially valid for screens. Smartphone screens are usually made with Gorilla Glass, which can only withstand a few drops and drops.

Whether you drop your device or not, it’s common for its case to get scratches. If your smartphone is lying around in a bag or pocket a lot, it can get scratched. Another case can also mean a screen for sure.

Distinguishing between your smartphone wants and needs

It’s important to assess what you, as an individual, really need in a smartphone before investing in an upgrade. Although the technology seems to be improving rapidly, when you compare a smartphone to the previous model, it usually doesn’t improve much. Generally, the adjustments happen in aesthetics: font sizes and styles can change, as well as the size, color and general characteristics of the phone. Image quality and security features also tend to improve.

If you’re happy with your current phone, that’s not a good enough reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a new model. If you simply search for a telephone that you can use to take notes, take photos, pass phone calls and send SMS, surf the Internet and play some games, it is not necessary to have a level with your smartphone pendant Years.

Benefits of a new phone

When you wonder how often you should buy a new phone, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the many benefits a new phone can have:

  • Increased functionality compared to your previous phone
  • Additional or improved functionality
  • Potentially more space
  • Replacement of features that were not working on your phone previous
  • The thrill of having something new
  • Increased status or ability to show off

Think about accessories

Part of keeping your phone alive is keep track of charging cables, headphones and even cases. The older your phone is, the more difficult it will be to replace these items. If you lose the charging cable from a three-year-old phone, you may not be able to replace it if newer devices have a different charging port. Then it’s time to say goodbye to a perfectly good phone. However, a good phone repair shop has access to more equipment than the internet, so you might as well give us a call if you need a replacement to see what we can do.

Of course, the most fragile part of any phone is the touch screen. Although you can replace broken screens, in many cases phone insurance companies simply exchange the entire phone for a replacement, defeating the purpose of keeping your phone alive to prevent electronic waste. We recommend always using a case to protect yourself in those times when your phone feels slipperier than a bar of soap. We also recommend taking a cracked screen to a qualified phone repair service (like ours!), as we may be able to help you replace it, rather than the entire device.

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