Is Android 11 or 12 better?

So what is the difference between Android 12 and Android 13? Since Android 12 was a pretty big update, Android 13 is more of a fine-tuning for your phone, building on the many new features and updates in Android 12.

Hardware You get a fantastic update to your theme and customization, there are helpful new multitasking tools, and you’ll find more cross-compatibility with Chromebooks and tablets.

Why can’t I update to the latest version of Android?

You may have been pleased to see that the official release date for the new version of Android has passed, but the upgrade offer doesn’t seem to be available. As mentioned above, most Android phone manufacturers take the time to customize Android before releasing it on their phones. It may take a few months, so you may have to wait to get these new features.

Again, companies like Samsung or Xiaomi are adding features to their custom build of Android that are either not in stock Android or will only come in a future version. For example, a screen recording feature was only added to Android 11, but Samsung Galaxy phones (among others) had it years before Android 11 was released.

Android 12 is more customised.

Google uses variety extraction, which concludes which shades are predominant, which blend together, and which ones look good. When you choose a background, you apply these shades to the entire frame, including hiding notifications, the lock screen, volume controls, new devices, and more.

Google updates the mood warnings in Android 12 to make them more current and practical. The moment you tap on the prompt, it will take you directly to the symbols of the app or activity you need to perform instead of going through an intermediary provider. As noted in the Android Application Engineers blog post, this should make everything faster.

Android 11 vs. 12: security and privacy

In terms of privacy and security, some new features have been included in Android 12 that are private by design, so you’re in control . This will give you a privacy panel to secure permissions at a glance.

There is also the danger of someone listening to you from your microphone or watching you from your camera without your permission. When updating to Android 12, when the user uses their microphone or camera, an indicator will appear on the screen, alleviating the feeling of danger.

When will Android 12 arrive on Xiaomi phones?

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