Is Android 12 the last?

Android 12 created and revamped a set of app widgets to improve the user experience by bringing the best of Material You to users’ devices. You may be able to theme the device, from radio buttons, sliders, toggles, checkboxes, background to other UI components, allowing for smoother transitions through the system. You can also enjoy a consistent look and feel to your system’s user interface with a dynamic color palette. You can personalize your home screen simply by adding your favorite widgets.

Android 12 widgets are beautiful, responsive to the system theme, helpful, categorized, and rounded off with faster transitions. It offers four different styles for the clock: analog, digital, stacked, and world clock layout with two side-by-side time zones. Plus, a digital stopwatch will keep you on time. You can also pin your favorite conversations to the home screen using the new conversation widgets.

What happens if you don’t update?

If you can’t (or don’t want to) upgrade to a newer version of Android, you can continue to use your phone as usual. You should always get security updates and bug fixes for a few years. However, Android apps from the Google Play Store may eventually lose support for your version of Android, making your phone less useful over time.

Although Google has not given a firm release date for Android 13 “Tiramisu”, it is generally expected to have a stable version in late Q3 or early Q4 2022. The next The event of The Google I/O that will take place will probably provide a firm date. Except for stock Android devices, users can expect to get Android 13 in 2023.

Google Pixel

After the official release of Android 12, Pixel devices were the first to receive the Android 12 update. Here is the list of Google Pixel devices that released the Android 12 stable update. Comparing the features of Android 13 with its predecessor Android 12, which saw the introduction of the Material You theme, what that allows you to personalize your smartphone with redesigned widgets and custom color palettes to match your wallpaper.

Android 13 brings updates to the Material You UI, so you can choose from a wider selection of colors and have more control over the home and lock screen aesthetics. Another nice touch is automatic app icon theming for all apps, not just Google ones.

What’s new with Galaxy A12 Android 12 (a UI update?

The big new Galaxy A12 software update brings a revamped UI design with the feature Color palette, a new widget style, a new layout for the widget switcher, thicker brightness and volume sliders, and better dark mode.

The update also improves privacy and security. Dedicated quick settings toggles to enable/disable access to the camera and microphone in the operating system.When apps are actively using the camera or microphone, you can be quickly notified via privacy indicators located in the top corner of the screen


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