Is iPhone more secure than Android

The survey shows that 49% of Android users are considering switching to Apple’s iPhone due to its “perceived superiority” in security and privacy. Additionally, consumers reported feeling more secure using the iPhone 13 Pro Max instead of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Apple and Google are working hard to make their phones safer and easier to use.

Apple and Google are working to make their phones increasingly safer to use. Apple has a better record of fixing security vulnerabilities than Android, but Google is still trying to catch up on security updates.

With that said, there are several things you can do to protect your phone from hackers and other cyber threats:

Android and iOS Security: Explore threat levels

Mobile security, in general, is a matter that concerns everyone in general. Whether it is iOS or Android, security is usually in the hands of the users themselves. A common misconception surrounding iOS devices is that they come with built-in protection against malware and viruses. However, in reality, this is not true.

Apple malware is just as worrisome as Android malware. It is also because most of these malware attacks happen through social engineering attacks. An attractive malicious malware or clickbait campaign is usually enough to victimize iOS and Android users.

Better security

Security for Android and iOS devices differs night and day. Apple uses the so-called “sandbox method”, where applications have limited access to the rest of the system. For example, if an application contains malware, it cannot infect the rest of the system.

It is better to compare this with a fire in a building. If an iOS “fire” occurs (read: an app contains a virus), the rest of the phone won’t get infected because Apple uses “firewall doors.” In this way the fire does not spread to other “rooms” (other applications).


‘Android is open and quite flexible compared to iOS, which offers many advantages for developers and users, but when it comes to the arrival of malware on the phone, Android is It’s weakening because of an update. When Apple update is released, it is immediately available to the users whereas Android update is not immediately available to the users because all the Android mobile phone manufacturers provide a custom user interface (their user interface). ) on their phones.

In such a situation, even after Google releases the update, users cannot get the update soon. There are a large number of Android phones that have not received new updates and do not secure their phones

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