Is Linux better than Windows in 2022

Windows clearly beats Ubuntu when it comes to installations. Windows has billions of installations; Ubuntu has millions of them. But the comparison is not strictly fair. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, while Windows encompasses all of Windows.

If you count Linux installations, the answer is probably pretty close. Linux is what powers Android devices, and it’s what powers most Internet of Things devices. It should be noted, however, that these are not user-centric endpoints. Linux is probably more popular when it comes to device installations, but Windows is more common on user-focused machines.

Linux vs. Windows: What is Linux?

Linux is a free and open source operating system based on Unix standards that provides programming interface and user interface support. It also contains many separately developed elements, without proprietary code.

The traditional monolithic kernel is used in the Linux kernel for performance purposes. Its modular functionality allows most drivers to be loaded and unloaded dynamically at runtime.


At first glance, Linux may seem particularly vulnerable to malware and security vulnerabilities because it is a highly malleable open source operating system. But instead, it has proven to be more secure than Windows time and time again.

To say it again, Linux is open source. As such, its source code is public and available for any programmer to modify and improve. And with countless dedicated developers around the world, vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and patched.

Open source nature

What does it look like when you buy a car, but can’t see what’s under the hood? The same is true when using a Windows system.

In contrast, however, Linux is completely an open source project. You can check out the source code for a Linux operating system, which is a plus.

When you think Linux, think security

At a time when downloading a JPEG file from a trusted email sender could harm your computer, would you really take the risk and use an operating system which is known for having various bugs and security flaws? I did not mean that.

Developers around the world are now part of a revolution, whether they know it or not (although most of them do). With the advent of Web 3 technologies, we are ushering in a cultural shift and moving away from centralization at a rate never seen before. Who likes handing over all their personal data just so it can be used to profile them and serve them ads? Who wants to be at the mercy of tech giants who often only make marginal improvements to technology to force you to replace existing technology?

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