Is Linux easily hacked

Very often specific operating systems are tied to certain tasks. Anything that involves graphics or content creation evokes macOS in our minds. Similarly, any instance of hacking or just general tampering with network utilities is also associated with a particular operating system, namely Kali Linux. In this article, I will write a general introduction to Kali Linux and how it can be used for ethical hacking. The following topics are covered in this article regarding “Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux”:

  • What is Kali Linux?
  • Kali Linux Development
  • Why use Kali Linux?
  • Kali Linux System Requirements
  • Tool List
  • Demo of Power: aircrack-ng and crunch


First of all, before I go any further on this topic, let me tell you that I have been using Linux for years and I have never encountered any virus or virus effects on any of my Linux systems. There have been debates about whether or not Linux is virus free. I have been in the Linux environment for years and have heard countless Windows users accept “Linux Is Virus Free”. Many of these Windows users have switched to Linux, in fact I am one of them. Although I use Windows for tutorial purposes several times a month, I am a regular Linux user.

It will not be correct to answer it with Yes or No. The question raises great debates that I do not want to create here. But I’m going to answer by saying that Linux is one of the most secure operating systems available when we just talk about “system only” and leave everything within that system.

Is Linux more secure than Windows?

Is Linux more secure than Windows? Many users believe that Linux is more secure, but the truth is that both operating systems are equally vulnerable. Windows users are familiar with viruses, while Linux users are not. Viruses and malware are software designed to cause mass destruction, not to protect computers. Because of this, developers can’t spend all their time creating viruses and malware. Since Linux is more secure, there is no need to install antivirus software on your computer.

Despite its advantages, Linux users still have to worry about malware attacks. Although there are some viruses for Linux, they are not as dangerous as those for Windows. Another important reason is usability. If users have to struggle with their operating system, they are likely to make less secure decisions. However, if Windows users don’t know the differences, they should use Linux as much as possible. Thus, they will be better protected.

Now, how to become a hacker?

Hacking is an art mixed with knowledge and dedication. So if someone asks me:

“How can I become a hacker?”

User Errors

User error can be the most common cause of system hacking. Like downloading a document that is more of an executable file. Which, if run, can install malware. Or give root access to a program that can infect the entire system. It is also the most common hacking method, it is even used on Windows.

The user is tricked into installing malware when they wanted to install a program. These are some of the common reasons that can cause Linux system to get hacked.

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