Is there a new iOS update 2022?

Even before iOS 15 was announced, 9to5Mac discovered that Apple was working on a new way to offer alternative security updates to iPhone and iPad users. Later, the company confirmed that it would offer security patches for iOS 14 to users who were not ready to upgrade to iOS 15, but it seems that is no longer the case.

How to break the illusion

If you’ve heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect, you can see where I’m coming from: not much, it’s hard to realize how little we know . As one of the first articles describing this effect points out, even if you try to explain things to yourself, explanations are open. You could just repeat what you heard on the subject, and since that convinced you, you think you’re done.

What might help the most is discussing your explanation with a friend, or at least imagining the questions someone else would ask. What parts are missing from your explanation? How did the situation you describe come about? How do we know that the things you describe are true?

When will the next iOS update be released?

iOS 16 will be released on September 12, 2022. This will be the first iteration of iOS 16 released to the public. The operating system, however, has been in beta for two months as of July of this year.

Your lock screen will look very different

The redesigned lock screen is by far the most obvious new feature in iOS 16. You can set it to look exactly the same as before if you want. but the clock font is different by default. Even better, for the first time on an iPhone, you can change the font and colors to suit your mood.

Then you change the wallpaper to a closeup wallpaper and… sorry what? Yes, now you can make your wallpaper theme appear in front of the clock, just like the effect you see on magazine covers. This takes advantage of the company’s advancements in AI edge detection, which is making a name for itself in other areas of iOS 16. This feature is only available on the iPhone XS and later, which means the iPhone 8, X, and XR will not support it. .


Introduced in iOS 15, Focus mode gets one of the major updates in iOS 16. Focus basically helps the user see what they really want to see on their lock screen, removing thus the clutter Focus filters app can display notifications from apps, like Messages and Mail, that are absolutely relevant to the user.

Like the lock screen feature, the focus can also be customized. There are several types of focus modes provided by Apple. According to the company, the data-rich lock screen is good when using the Work Focus option, while the photo lock screen is better for personal focus.

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