Is Ubuntu good in 2022

Key Features of KDE Neon

  • The most basic KDE package with an Ubuntu base.
  • Brings you the latest version of KDE Plasma.

License: open source vs license

Ubuntu is free and open source. But there’s more to open source than cost. Open source means that many people can develop Ubuntu at any time; in fact, anyone can contribute code to the project. Open source software is well supported, well documented, and often loved by its community.

By comparison, Windows is a licensed product. Although there are many documentations and media available for Windows, they are provided by Microsoft and Microsoft affiliates, not by the community at large.

MX Linux

MX Linux is a medium-weight Linux distribution that comes with three different desktop environments; XFCE, KDE and Fluxbox. MX Linux has recently come into the limelight and has gained popularity for its extremely stable and powerful operating system.

Privacy and security

Linux is known for its privacy and security. In both operating systems it is necessary to update the entire system because the updates consist of security patches for the system. The only thing that is shared with the respective company are the details of the problems (if any) that occurred while using the distribution. You can always disable this in the settings. Other than that, nothing is really shared.

For security reasons, choose “encrypt disk and install” when installing distributions. For network security, you can always install a firewall like UFW which adds an extra layer of security. These distributions are open source and developers from all over the world contribute to the project by submitting bugs and issues.

Pop OS

Pop OS is developed by American computer manufacturer System76 for their line of hardware. But it is one of the famous and emerging Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Pop OS is primarily known for being perfect for modern hardware (including NVIDIA graphics) and offers unique features missing from traditional Ubuntu along with the GNOME desktop.

For example, you get a well-designed COSMIC desktop running Pop OS (which is currently being written with Rust), a built-in tile feature, well-optimized power controls, and a great Pop Shop. The Pop Shop is a software store designed by its creator to provide you a well-categorized package of apps for your study, learning, development, games and more. This distro is also perfect for gaming if you plan to start your Linux journey with gaming. in the spirit.

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