How to recover deleted photo videos from Google Photos, learn step by step the whole process

Google Photos
Google Photos
To save storage in mobile, many people store or save their required photos and videos in Google Photos. If you also use Google Photos and you have accidentally deleted the photos, then do not worry, we will tell you some steps with the help of which you can recover the photo again. In Google Photos, users can access save photos on the phone as well as on the web. If you have accidentally deleted some photos and want to get them back, you can get them back. Anyone can recover deleted photos from Google Photo Trash again after 60 days and it is an easy process. So let’s start …

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Google Photos in Android Phone:

 First of all open Google Photos in your Android Smartphone. Tap the cheeseburger symbol on the upper left and select Trash. Long press the photo you want to restore. Restore after completion. When you go to the library again, you will see the deleted photos there again.

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos on iPhone: 

 open Google Photos in iOS device, then tap the hamburger icon in the top left and select Bin. Then tap on the horizontal three dot icon in the top left and tap on Select. Select photo and restore after completion of work. When you look again, you will find the deleted photos again in the library.

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How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos on the web: For this,

 go to the link in the browser on your computer or laptop and open Google Photos on the web. For this process, first login with your Google ID. Go to the landing page and go to the upper left corner and snap on the burger symbol and select the garbage. Select the photo you want to recover. After completion click on the Restore button in the top right, which is above the Empty Trash button. After completing this process, you will see the deleted photos again when you go to the photo library.

Will have to recover within 60 days

It is worth noting that the deleted photos and videos are visible in the trash folder for only 60 days and after that they are removed from there too. At the same time, there is no other way to recover the deleted photos once in Google Photos and they cannot be recovered after the completion of 60 days. So if you have accidentally deleted photos, then start the process as soon as possible to get them back.

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