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Is Corona infection really spreading 5G ?

In a release issued in this regard, the department said that there is no connection between the proliferation of covid-19 and 5G technology. Along with this, the department requested that the misinformation and rumors being spread about this should not be ignored. The department said that there is no scientific basis that 5G technology has any connection with the corona epidemic. On top of this, 5G testing has not even started in India, so it is a fact that the Corona infection is spreading due to 5G trials in India. Mobile towers emit non-ionizing radio frequencies, are very weak, and cannot harm any living cell, including humans. The Department of Telecommunications has set standards for exposure limits for the radiofrequency field, which is around 10 against the safe limits set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The folds are more rigid.

Know what the World Health Organization says

On the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a section on such rumors in which social media claims about Corona are explained in detail. There is a post on the website named ‘FACT: 5G mobile networks DO NOT spread COVID-19’. This post clearly states that viruses do not spread through radio waves and mobile networks. WHO says that COVID-19 is also spreading in countries where there is neither testing of 5G nor 5G mobile network. The coronavirus is spread by the infected person’s breath droplets when he sneezes, talks or spits. In addition, if the infected person’s breath drops on a surface, the corona spreads by touching it and then touching the nose, mouth, and eyes. news source

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