Now the hassle of remembering friends’ birthdays is over, schedule messages months in advance with this trick of WhatsApp

schedule messages on whatsapp

WhatsApp Schedule messages: WhatsApp, an instant messaging app designed for chatting, has become an important part of everyone’s life nowadays. We also use WhatsApp to send invitations to our relatives, from important office work to household matters.

This app has gone far beyond chatting. But still, people are aware of many special features present on WhatsApp. Here we are giving you information about a trick related to WhatsApp. Through which you will be able to schedule messages easily.

This feature is very useful in wishing birthdays to friends and relatives.
We wait till 12 o’clock in the night to wish birthdays to friends or relatives. Sometimes we have to wake up even though there is no big work done. We have to get up in the morning even to say good morning to someone. But through this trick, you will be able to easily schedule your message on WhatsApp.

How to Schedule Messages on Android

To schedule WhatsApp messages on your Android phone, first, download the app called SKEDit from the Google Play Store. After signing up in this app, select the option of WhatsApp. Now this f will ask you for some permissions. You are required to give all the permissions. After this, by giving accessibility permission in the setting, select the option of Use Service. Now search the name of the message you want to schedule on WhatsApp and type the message and schedule it at the desired time. After doing this you can sleep without worry. Your message will go at the scheduled time.

How to Schedule on iPhone

To schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone, first, go to the Apple App Store and download the Shortcuts app. Now select the Automation tab and click on the + sign on the top right corner and select the option of Create Personal Automation. Then tap on Time of Day and schedule whenever you want to send your message. Now tap on Next and go to Add Action and type your message in the search bar. Now below the message box, you will see a + icon, tap on it and then go to the search bar and search for WhatsApp. Here you will see a list. In this, select Send Message via WhatsApp and make it Done. Now your message will go on schedule.

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