Oxygen concentrator: remember these important things while buying

Oxygen concentrator
The coronavirus continues to prevail in the country and the need for devices such as oxygen concentrators and oximeter has increased rapidly. Oxygen levels have been reduced in people infected with this strain of Corona. This is the reason that the demand for oxygen concentrators or generators has increased. Today we will tell you everything about the oxygen concentrator. You will also know what is important to keep in mind before buying it.
The oxygen concentrator also acts as a cylinder. Yet, it makes oxygen from regular air and eliminates undesirable gas. Concentrated oxygen can give pure oxygen to the patient through a pipe. The most important thing is that these oxygen concentrators are portable and can work 24×7. Keep in mind that if a person infected with Kovid-19 has trouble breathing, then he can use Concentrate. During the time of Kovid, the demand for oxygen concentration in the body increases and the body needs more than 90 percent concentrated oxygen. The oxygen concentrator has the ability to provide oxygen at between 90 and 94 percent. The patient and his family should keep in mind that if the oxygen level falls below 90, then the oxygen concentrator will not be sufficient. There may be a need to go to the hospital. This is on the grounds that most oxygen concentrators can supply 5 to 10 liters of oxygen consistently. There are two types of oxygen concentrators. If the patient is at home, you can buy a home oxygen concentrator. It is larger and supplies more oxygen. But it weighs 14 to 15 kg and it needs a direct power supply to work. Keep in mind that if the weight of an oxygen concentrator is light, then its quality is compromised. If the patient has to go to the hospital or travel, then you should take a portable oxygen concentrator. They do not require a direct power supply and can be charged like smartphones. However, it acts as a temperature solution and can be supplied with minute limited oxygen. Read this also – Is Corona infection really spreading 5G? When purchasing, keep in mind the ability the concentrate. They usually come in two sizes of 5 liters and 10 liters. That is, 5 and 10 liters of oxygen can be provided in one minute. Keep in mind that the oxygen concentration level at each concentration is different. Some claim up to 87 percent oxygen and some up to 93 percent. Our recommendation is that if you buy such a concentrator, it can deliver oxygen up to 93 percent and has a capacity of 10 liters. Keep in mind that buy a concentrator from big and reliable brands. Many brands are selling oxygen concentrators in the country. But there are some other American brands including Medicare, Flipkart which can be called trustworthy. Beware of thugs when purchasing a concentrator. Many people are selling concentrators on WhatsApp and social media platforms. Our advice is to ignore them and avoid any kind of fraud. Get a concentrator from a direct company dealer so that you can get guaranteed and original certified products. Apart from this, it is important that you consult a doctor, hospital, and other medical experts before purchasing an oxygen concentrator.

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