To stay away from misfortune, don’t commit these errors while purchasing a second hand Smartphone, remember these 5 things
purchasing second hand Smartphone, remember these 5 things
If you are planning to buy a flagship smartphone but do not have a budget, then if you are planning to buy a second-hand smartphone then this news of ours is especially for you people. There is nothing wrong with buying a second-hand phone, but there are some precautions that should be kept in mind when buying an old phone, otherwise one may regret it later. Let us give you information about what are those things that you must remember while buying a second-hand smartphone.

Pay attention to the physical condition

Before purchasing a second-hand smartphone, check the device properly and also make sure that there is no physical damage. Many times, the phone falls on its hands and falls down and marks can damage the internal parts of the phone, such as the speaker or microphone. Only after careful inspection, you will know about the device that if you are not going to spend money on a defective device.

It is important to check the touchscreen

When purchasing a second-hand smartphone, check thoroughly whether the touchscreen is working. There is a possibility that the new-looking device may also have a touchscreen defective. Try swiping fingers on every part of the screen, opening the keyboard, and pressing all the keys will also help you to check for touchscreen.

Do not ignore ports

Checking all the ports is as important as checking the physical damage. If you buy a phone, then take the headphones with you so that you can also check the audio output, charge the phone and see if the charging port is working.

It is necessary to take a bill

As important as it is to check the phone carefully, it is equally important to take the bill with the phone, if the warranty of the phone remains, then the bill will be needed to repair it as long as the warranty is left. Not only this, but you must also match the IMEI number present on the box, for this, put the code * # 06 # in the dial pad of the phone, after doing this you will get the IMEI number of the phone. Even if the warranty is not left, still take the phone bill.

Camera app check

When checking the smartphone, it is necessary to check the camera to see if all the lenses are working properly. Apart from this, also make sure that the camera lens is not scratched.

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