How often should you buy a new phone?

Research firm Strategy Analytics released a report last week that, among other things, states that a growing number of people in the United States plan to keep their smartphones for 3 years or more. Since the US wireless market seems to be based on the idea that users will upgrade every year or two, this … Read more

Which is the most powerful smartphone in 2022?

Released on T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon carrier, LG V60 was designed to test the capability of 5G technology in mobile smartphones. This device offers excellent 8K video recording capabilities, with 4 standard microphones, along with advanced camera hardware and software. Unlike most of the powerful devices today, this is one of the best devices powered … Read more

Do hackers target Linux

A new article in Tech Republic predicts that Linux servers and workstations will be the next big target for hackers. There has been an increase in the development of tools targeting Linux systems, and it is believed that the targets will be Linux systems used by the government and large corporations. While we traditionally believe … Read more

What is Linux best for

Installing and using Linux on your system is the easiest way to avoid viruses and malware. The security aspect was taken into account when developing Linux and it is much less vulnerable to viruses than Windows. Programs can only modify configuration and system settings if the user is logged in as the root user (equivalent … Read more

Will Linux ever surpass Windows

In the above case, when your application does not require a Windows operating system and the Linux operating system is cheaper, a prudent project might choose to use the Linux option. An application service in the south of the UK using the Windows operating system, on a standard S1 tier instance at the time of … Read more

Is Windows 10 or Ubuntu better

The license has an impact on the cost. Ubuntu is free. Windows 10 is a bit unique. All other versions of Windows had an initial license cost. Technically, you can use Windows 10 for free, but you have to pay if you want to use advanced features (you usually will). But that’s not all, especially … Read more

Why is Ubuntu criticized

Abstract Anguish Aloha, Shaggy! It seems to have solved my biggest problem with modern versions of Ubuntu: bad experience with desktop icons. About sources Many scholars have written about Ubuntu and it is fair to limit our discussion to scholars who have been interested in the philosophical meaning of the term in South African thought. … Read more

Is Linux better than Windows in 2022

Windows clearly beats Ubuntu when it comes to installations. Windows has billions of installations; Ubuntu has millions of them. But the comparison is not strictly fair. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, while Windows encompasses all of Windows. If you count Linux installations, the answer is probably pretty close. Linux is what powers Android devices, and … Read more

Do scientists use Linux

Many data scientists work on many data science tools. Some of these tools work fine on Linux while others on Windows. Linux is used as it is known for its reliability, security, breadth of available open source tools, control, resource management, interoperability, and better community support. Also, Windows is characterized by having the latest applications, … Read more

Is Linux easily hacked

Very often specific operating systems are tied to certain tasks. Anything that involves graphics or content creation evokes macOS in our minds. Similarly, any instance of hacking or just general tampering with network utilities is also associated with a particular operating system, namely Kali Linux. In this article, I will write a general introduction to … Read more