Does Linux have a 2038 problem

UPDATE (JUN-2021) Linux 5.10 will include fixes for the year 2038 issue, also known as Y2K38. The flaw means that many systems cannot conceive of dates beyond 03:14:07 UTC on January 19, 2038. C Programming Any program written in C/C++ could suffer from the year 2038 problem This is because most C programs use a … Read more

What does Bill Gates think of Linux

Wired publishes an interesting article on Bill Gates’ thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry, which he is increasingly focusing on as he leaves Microsoft to join his foundation. He clearly understands the basic problem, although I think he has the wrong solution in dismissing the idea that open source medicine is a great opportunity. As for … Read more

Is NASA using Linux

NASA decided to use the operating system on the International Space Station laptops they use, to be replaced. Instead of Windows XP, the machines will be equipped with Debian, a variant of Linux. NASA claims that Debian is more secure and easier to manage. The migration project covers dozens of laptops. International Space Station astronauts … Read more

Is Linux faster than Windows 10

When installing Ubuntu, you can customize almost everything about the installation. And you can still dig into the source code. With open source operating systems, you can change almost anything about the program you’re using. Microsoft supports less customization. You must use internal Microsoft functions to customize the system. You can drag and drop items … Read more

Why is Linux so tough

Linux systems offer fantastic privacy and security compared to other operating systems such as Windows or Mac. Therefore, it is preferable to go for a Linux system for better security. Top 5 Alternative Linux Distributions for Windows Users Linux vs Windows: What is Linux? Linux is a free and open source operating system based on … Read more

What Cannot run on Linux

The popularity of Linux continues to grow and this operating system has proven its worth. Let’s look at the most common reasons why you might need to install Linux on Hyper-V: You need to test a particular Linux distribution in your virtual Hyper-V environment. For example, a new version of Linux was recently released and … Read more

What do hackers want the most

Feb 2017: If you block something physical, you must also block the digital version! Would you leave the door of your house open all night? Would you leave your intellectual property or your clients’ files on the sidewalk? Think of your network as a virtual representation of your property, and you’ll understand what hackers want: … Read more

Which OS used by real hackers

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. The repository contains 1629 tools. You can install tools individually or in groups. BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing Arch installations. For more information, see the installation instructions. In addition, news are published on our blog. BlackArch Live ISO contains … Read more

Why choose Linux over Windows

There will still be doubts in many people’s minds about whether Linux is better than Windows. So here is your answer. Some facts show why Linux is different from Windows or more widespread based on user demand. Linux is much faster than Windows. Linux is a very light operating system compared to Windows. In Windows, … Read more

Why Mac is better than Linux

Each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Windows operating system is better for tasks like gaming while Mac is better for tasks like video editing and Linux, well Linux is used for multiple purposes. Ultimately, the operating system you want for your PC comes down to your preferences and what you want to … Read more