Delhi High Court asked and Facebook to keep his side till May 13, the policy has to be implemented from 15

The Delhi High Court has looked for a reaction from Facebook and WhatsApp alongside the Central Government on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) documented against WhatsApp’s new protection strategy. A bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh is hearing it. The court has asked them to present their case on the petition till May 13. Let us know that WhatsApp is going to implement its new policy from May 15. Here, WhatsApp told the seat that individuals’ very own discussions are secured by their apparatus and two and encryption. In such a circumstance, there is no doubt of security influenced. In this case, the petitioner Harsha Gupta urged the Delhi High Court to give some interim order, because WhatsApp will implement its policy from May 15. What is a WhatsApp policy dispute? The new WhatsApp policy stated that the company can upload, submit, store, send or receive content to WhatsApp to operate our services, the company can use, reproduce, distribute and display them anywhere. Users will have to agree to this policy. Earlier, the new policy was to come into force on 8 February 2021, but later due to the dispute, its date was changed to 15 May. The company wrote on its blog, “We want to make sure that you get full time to read and accept these terms. So we have extended the date. This means that on February 8, any account will not suspend or delete. We will find a lot more ways to eliminate the falsehood that is spreading about the protection and security of WhatsApp. After this, we will ask people to review the policy and they will be done for it. Time will also be given. Business options will be available from May 15. “

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