How to switch your laptop screen to touchscreen

Today I will tell you, how to switch your laptop screen to a touchscreen, having a touchscreen laptop lets you easily work on your laptop, but touchscreen laptops are very expensive, they cannot take them all, I am telling you about such gadget that you can turn the laptop into a touchscreen laptop.

it is very easy to put it on your laptop, it gets all the screen size.just for this, your laptop should have a window 10.

Neonode AirBar Touchscreen Enabler for Laptops 

laptop screen to touchscreen

  • Plug and Touch: Simply attach the AirBar with the included magnets to the bottom of your screen and plug in the USB cord
  • Compatibility: AirBar works with most notebooks running Windows 10 with every screen size
  • Touch Using Any Object: Touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus and more
  • Designed for Windows 10 laptops
  • Gestures: Tap, swipe, pinch, zoom and rotate
  • Add touchscreen capabilities

    laptop touch When you Need it

    Imagine taking a non-touch PC, and within seconds making it a touch interactive device.You simply connect AirBar and then start to interact with the display immediately – it´s Plug-and-Touch.Compared with today’s PCs with built-in touch, the AirBar sensor keeps your high-quality matte display glare-free and without greasy fingerprints.Choose the PC you want and let AirBar provide the touch when you need it.




Now, your AirBar sensor has arrived and it’s time to attach it. Peel the small round pieces of paper off the two magnets on the back of – AirBar (this should reveal the magnets’ sticky surface).




Position AirBar on the bezel below your laptop’s display, with the top of the device 3 mm below the bottom of the display (the small marks on either side of your AirBar are markers for the display to fit inside).




Attach AirBar to the bottom bezel and press gently above the magnet points.





Remove the AirBar, press the magnets and hold for 10 seconds. Make sure the two magnets are secured on your laptop under the display.





Done! Simply attach your AirBar to the magnets on your laptop, plug in the USB and ta-da, that’s it! Your laptop now has full touchscreen functionalities.




it supports your finger, or with gloves, and even a paintbrush, Pinch, sweep, zoom, and scroll without glare.AirBar works with most notebooks running Windows 10 operating system.

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