What are the disadvantages of Android?

Licensed by the Apache, Android is an open source operating system whose developers can modify the code to create a custom user interface. Application developers who create applications for this platform can access the core code and can modify it to get customized results. This is not possible when it comes to iOS and apps must strictly adhere to the code base specifications when developing apps for the specific platform.

Bad data connection

Many data connection related issues have been reported on Android phones so far. Android phones have many processes that keep running in the background, which leads to poor internet speed and excessive data usage. Sometimes it can be very boring.

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Advantages of Android

It has a massive user base, it is gaining adoption especially in developing countries, Android Review The process for apps is quite simple and it takes less time than iOS to get an app approved for release on the Play Store.

Any SMS, email, or even the latest articles from an RSS reader, there will always be a notification on your Android phone home screen, don’t miss the LED indicator flashes, so you won’t miss or a single text, email, or even a missed call.

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Users can get their own app from the Android market, so they don’t have to pay the highest fees for its development. While the app environment is free and you can still save much more money and there is no restriction, it means that if the user wants to create more than one app, they can do so without any problem.

Android OS will be bought at an affordable price, so most people still like to buy Android phone because of its lower price. Compared to Android phones, Windows and iOS phones are expensive.

Disadvantages of Android Phones

Running apps in the background: Once you decide to switch from one app to another, the app you switched to will likely continue to run and consume battery and data on the background. You may not realize it, but it becomes a reason why your phone drains battery easily.

It works slowly: the operating system takes up a lot of storage space and there are default applications with your operating system. So a device with low specs is likely to run slowly.

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