What are the disadvantages of iPhone over Android?

iOS has this great advantage of being very simple and compatible with each subsequent update. In fact, iPhone users consider this to be the best feature of the platform, as its features and apps continue to work as they should on newer devices. This ensures consistency of performance without too many changes to the interface design.

Some free apps and games on the Apple Store

On iPhone, you can only install apps from the Apple App Store. If Apple doesn’t want to approve an app or has removed it from the App Store, you simply can’t use it. For example, the Apple Store doesn’t allow game emulators, BitTorrent clients, and many other kinds of apps they deem controversial.

Unlike devices running on other platforms, Apple phones do not come with a preloaded radio. Users who want to listen to radio on iPhones should do so by downloading radio apps.

iPhone apps take up too much space

The App Store has tons of apps that users can easily download to their iPhone. The main disadvantage of iPhones is that apps take up a lot of storage space that is considered useless. Users have constantly found themselves deleting apps to make space for others, which isn’t ideal.

Many features work exclusively on iOS, which creates a disadvantage with the iPhone. Aggregated data in downloaded apps makes the storage fill up pretty quickly. Although having a large library of apps sounds great, the user might soon start deleting some of them to make more space for files like images and videos.


Battery quality is known to be a very important feature in a smartphone that users look for. Having a great smartphone with a very low battery life can be a nightmare. In fact, bad battery life is one of the biggest complaints from smartphone owners. When it comes to battery life, both types of phones offer a wide range of battery life. Recently, iPhones have much better battery life than before.

There are also Android phones with amazing battery life, and some with less than average. So it’s hard to find an advantage on iPhone and Android for this particular feature. iPhone and Android show you battery usage, broken down by app usage. However, only Android tells you the remaining battery life.


When it comes to installing apps with an iPhone, you are limited to apps available in the app store of the country you reside in.

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