What do hackers want the most

Feb 2017: If you block something physical, you must also block the digital version! Would you leave the door of your house open all night? Would you leave your intellectual property or your clients’ files on the sidewalk?

Think of your network as a virtual representation of your property, and you’ll understand what hackers want: something (anything!) that someone else will pay for or that the hacker will pay for. Here are six things hackers do and some easy ways to counter them:

Why do hackers hack?

By the end of 2025, there will be more than 75 billion devices connected to the Internet, and every one of them will be vulnerable to hackers. In 2019, an average of 4,800 websites were compromised each month and we can expect this number to continue to grow; but what drives these hacks? Why are hackers doing this and what do they want?

WHOIS Server Investigation

Investigators immediately ran a query to drill down to “whois victim-site.co.za whois: za.whois-servers.net: ” .

You guessed it: the results indicated that the domain name had something to do with the problem, so running a root cause analysis when installing Brew with an updated version of WHOIS 5.2.12 caused a different result where customer information had been redacted.

To scam your friends

Some hackers may use your email or social media login information to try to scam to your friends. Think about it: if a friend of yours sent you a link via Facebook and asked you to open it, what do you think of a hacker? Cybercriminals understand that your chances of success are high. oops better if they use a source trust able to submit their scams, which is why they like to use hacked accounts to spread their scams.

Now you know that hackers are definitely interested in your information and have many ways to get it. If you want to keep your information off of hacker lists, you’ll have to be a little more careful. First of all, it means watching out for social engineering scams and always thinking before giving out your personal information to anyone. Then start using stronger passwords and update your software. Never forget that you and your loved ones can be attacked at any time, so always stay alert!

Digital Infrastructure

Hackers are aware of the high costs of proper IT infrastructure, so they will resort to stealing another company’s computer system to save money. Possible indicators of such an attack include network slowdowns, rapidly shrinking storage space, and unknown devices connecting to your network. Over time, this will create additional costs and reduce the productivity of the company.

Hackers can also steal data from your employees’ corporate accounts through phishing and malware attacks. They can use the information to solicit personal and financial information from your customers, carry out commercial email compromise attacks, disrupt your operations, or steal…

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