What is the difference between iOS 15 and 16?

With iOS 15, Apple introduced some interesting additions to the Messages app on iPhone. Includes Photo Collections feature that displays multiple images from a sender as a viewable collage. The next section is the “Shared with you” section, which automatically stores the content shared through Messages in the corresponding application. The latest iOS 16 brings some of the most useful updates to the Messages app that users have been waiting for for a long time. First, if we compare Messages in iOS 16 vs iOS 15, the latest iOS allows you to edit a sent message. Thus, you can quickly correct an embarrassing typo before the recipient reads it.

That’s not all. If you think you shouldn’t have sent a message to a particular contact, iOS 16 lets you quickly undo the sent message. Finally, there’s a Mark Unread option in the Messages app that lets you reply to that message later.

Lock Screen Makeover

This opportunity is especially important and you’ll notice it every time you take your phone out of your pocket. This new look, inspired by the Apple Watch, features a simple range of customization options that let you change styles, color schemes, and fonts with just a few clicks.

There’s also a wide selection of widgets you can add, while portrait photos can be brought forward from the background, resting slightly in front of the clock, for an effective “pop” effect.

Lock screen refresh

With iOS 16, Apple revamps the lock screen and makes it customizable for iOS users. iOS users can select different styles, change color filters, background and font to personalize their lock screen. Users can also use Random Photos and Suggested Photos to choose a set of photos to display on the lock screen for a day. To customize, the user just has to touch any element on the lock screen to access the editor and style it as desired. Also, users can apply different styles to photos and add widgets to lock screen like time, battery events, temperature, calendar, etc.

What devices will not be supported by Apple after the release of iOS 16?

It is important to mention here that with iOS 16, Apple will stop providing software support for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2016, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Therefore, you will only be able to download and run iOS 16 if you have an iPhone 8 or later. However, this does not guarantee that all the features of the update will be available on your iPhone. For example, some features like Live Text are only available on iPhones with an A12 Bionic chip or later. In addition to these features, users can use all the updated features of iOS 16.

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iOS 16 vs iOS 15: Bugs

Since iOS 15 has had a full year of incremental bug fixes, it’s likely to be much more stable and reliable than iOS 16, which wasn’t available recently. While no significant, crippling flaws have been found in iOS 16 so far, it’s normal to see minor bugs popping up here and there in early iterations of a major new operating system.

Users who value stability can choose to stick with iOS 15 until a few more updates to iOS 16 are released, giving the operating system time to grow, though iOS 16 doesn’t appear to contain any crippling flaws. Although iOS 15 may not be supported indefinitely or receive regular updates with new fixes, delaying your migration to iOS 15 may give Apple more time to fix bugs and improve features. Beta testing has already started this process.

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