What is the maximum life of an Android phone?

Have you ever noticed that your phone’s battery drains faster and faster over time, to the point where it’s practically useless? There are, of course, ways to extend your phone’s battery life, like PSafe’s PowerPRO app, which identifies and kills power-hungry tasks with a single tap. Click here to open PowerPro:

According to Recon Analytics, the average lifespan of a smartphone is approximately 21 months. It is extremely difficult to measure the battery life of each phone, as companies can very easily manipulate internal battery tests to produce better results. However, according to each manufacturer’s website, among phones running Android software, Lenovo smartphones lead the charge with 78 hours of average talk time, followed by Sonim with 40 hours of talk time and Google with 29 hours.

Are androids getting obsolete?

Are Android phones out of date? This is a question that worries smartphone owners all over the world. Since Android is an open source operating system, manufacturers receive updates as soon as possible, so there is no way to keep your device up to date on your own. But the good news is that Android developers regularly release security updates for your device. You should download the latest version to keep your device as secure as possible.

However, you should be aware that security updates for Android phones are generally only provided for two years. After that, the apps will stop working on your phone, rendering it useless. That’s why it’s best to stick with Android 6.0 or later, even if it means having to download a new version of the operating system. Apple, on the other hand, has a long history of crippling older phones with updates. They often disable features that worked on older versions of their phones.

What affects the life of your phone

Many factors come into play when it comes to extending the life of your phone, here are a few:

Phones can be easily damaged by falling, cracking, etc. And although you can easily repair your phone, in some cases it would be better to buy a new one. For more information on phone damage, I suggest you check out my article, where I detail how long a phone with a cracked screen can last, as well as the average costs to repair your phone with a cracked screen.

Battery Status

Batteries are another important factor that can affect the life of your smartphone. Used batteries only hold a certain amount of charge before they become ineffective. Each battery has an average of 500 to 800 charge cycles.

If you charge your device multiple times a day, you will most likely have a shorter lifespan than someone who charges their device every other day. Modern devices no longer have replaceable batteries. Once your batteries no longer hold a charge, you run the risk of manually replacing them, which requires some knowledge, or you can pay someone to do it for you, but it can be quite expensive. In many cases it is cheaper to get a new device.

Save your screen

Of course, the most fragile part of any phone is the touch screen. Although you can replace broken screens, in many cases phone insurance companies simply exchange the entire phone for a replacement, defeating the purpose of keeping your phone alive to prevent electronic waste. We recommend always using a case to protect yourself in those times when your phone feels slipperier than a bar of soap. We also recommend taking a cracked screen to a qualified phone repair service (like ours!), as we may be able to help you replace it, rather than the entire device.

In short, while it’s not entirely easy to preserve the life of your phone for more than four years, it’s not impossible either. And hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge! Help the planet and upgrade your phone from 2016 to 2020. If you need help keeping it up to date, just open a service ticket with us and we can help!

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