What is the most powerful Linux distro

MX Linux is a medium-weight Linux distribution that comes with three different desktop environments; XFCE, KDE and Fluxbox. MX Linux has recently come into the limelight and has gained popularity for its extremely stable and powerful operating system.


I really hope this quick guide for beginners is helpful. Most distribution descriptions come directly from Distrowatch, a helpful website for your research. Arch and Ubuntu screenshots from /r/unixporn. What is your pick for the best Linux distro? Related Reading: The Best Linux Server Distributions.

Fedora KDE

The first Linux distribution, which I think is the best on this list, is Fedora Linux KDE Edition. The main reason is that Fedora Linux is very stable with the latest technologies and KDE Plasma is super fast and perfect for all users. Also, this combination of Fedora and KDE Plasma does not require any other modifications or adjustments after installation. In the last two releases and after the latest feedback on the release of Fedora 36, ​​Fedora Linux with KDE Plasma has become the go-to distribution for all possible use cases and workflows.

In addition, KDE Plasma also offers KDE applications and bonuses, eliminating the additional software you need. And with the help of Fedora repo and RPM Fusion, you can blindly trust Fedora Linux with KDE Edition for your daily driver.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Abbreviated as RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux distribution designed for business or commercial purposes. It is one of the main open source alternatives to other proprietary systems like Microsoft. Red Hat is often the first choice for server environments, given its stability and regular security patches that bolster its overall security.

You can easily install it on physical servers, virtual environments like VMware, HyperV, and in the cloud. Red Hat has done a perfect job on containerization technology through OpenShift PaaS (Platform as a Service), a hybrid cloud environment built around Docker containers and managed by Kubernetes.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a versatile distribution based on the Ubuntu operating system, designed to meet the needs of users just entering the world of Linux. Due to its similarity to Windows in desktop environment, appearance and performance, Windows users often choose it as the best alternative to Windows operating systems.

Zorin OS provides excellent flexibility and compatibility, and to create a Windows-like user experience, by providing the Look Changer feature in its operating system, it offers the option to change the desktop environment for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Gnome Linux and MacOSX interface; so that users feel comfortable working in the Zorin OS environment and enjoy the features of the popular Zorin Linux distribution in an environment similar to their old operating system.

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