What will I miss switching from iPhone to Android 2022?

Google’s Switch to Android app is becoming more widely available these days, so you can ditch the iPhone and switch to almost any pre-owned Android phone. The Switch to Android app, previously available for switching to Pixel phones, is now available to people with an Android 12 phone.

In a blog post announcing the update, Google says that switching from iPhone to Android Phone with the Switch to Android app can be done with the cable of your old iPhone or wirelessly with the new app. This should guide you through a step-by-step transfer process to transfer contacts, calendars, photos, etc. The process also walks you through turning off iMessage, so you won’t miss any text messages after making the switch. It also allows you to transfer photos and videos from iCloud, as long as you give it the selected permissions.

10 Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

From ease of use to stellar camera systems, switching from Android to iPhone can have many benefits. Below are our top 10.

One of Apple’s claims to fame is its unparalleled approach to security. This is mainly because Apple devices are locked into what is called a closed system. Essentially, users cannot access the source code of their phone’s software. They can’t make changes that expose them to security risks or download unapproved apps that circumvent Apple’s security standards. Android phones, on the other hand, can do these things. Users can make changes, intentionally or unintentionally, that put them at higher risk of hacking and malware.

Reasons not to switch from Android to iPhone

Here are some of the things you’ll miss on your iPhone after using Android. If you have never used Android, you can skip it.

For Android, you can simply download an apk file from the internet to install any app that is not available on the Play Store. But for iPhone, no. You can only install what the App Store offers. Either you install the app from the App Store or you never install it. There is no third way to download the app on iPhone. For paid features, have your credit card ready.

Back button

A universal back button is another Android feature that users miss. The iPhone does not have a universal back gesture and some new iPhone users find this frustrating.

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Save £200 On Google Pixel 6 Pro

Most deals may be on Prime Day, but retail competitors have offered flashy deals too . Currys notably slashed the price of the Google Pixel 6 Pro by £200, which is a superior Android phone that our experts loved.

In our full review of the Google Pixel 6 Pro, this remarkable phone earned 4.4 out of five stars and was widely praised. For more information, check out our iPhone 13 Pro vs Google Pixel 6 Pro guide.

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