What year will the iPhone 6 stop updating?

Depends on what useless means to you, if a phone with reduced security and outdated security patches is useless to you, then yes, the iPhone 7 will become useless after it stops receiving updates.

However, this will not affect its operation. You will still be able to make calls, play games, run apps, and access the web using the device as long as there is no hardware failure. It’s just that your device will now be vulnerable to attacks and breaches as it won’t receive any security updates.

iPhone 6 Plus is already considered obsolete by Apple

The classic iPhone 6, released at the same time, has not joined the list. In fact, although the smartphone was also launched for the first time in 2014, Apple decided in 2017 to market it as a mid-range model, like the current iPhone SE. Therefore, we will have to wait a few more years before seeing him join his older brother.

iPhone 6 Plus will no longer receive updates from Apple. The American manufacturer stopped offering feature updates for the device in 2019 with the release of iOS 13, which excluded the iPhone 6s and iPhone 5S. From now on, the smartphone will not even be entitled to security patches.

When will Apple stop supporting the iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 was released in 2019. According to Apple, they would provide a five- to six-year upgrade for any iPhone released, which means they would support an iPhone 11 for up to seven years. .

Apple will most likely end support for the iPhone 11 by 2025. While Apple released iPhone 12 models in 2019, Apple reportedly stopped selling the iPhone 11.

Home Button

While most Apple fans praise the improvement, some prefer older models. If you grew up with a clickable home button and didn’t want to put it down, the iPhone 8 is the most recent line to include this feature.

You can never neglect performance, no matter what. Fortunately, the iPhone 8 is relatively fast and you shouldn’t notice any lag during normal operation. However, you have to be patient with high-end mobile games.

Size of the operating system

As mentioned above, iOS updates come in different sizes to match their features. The most recent update is iOS 15.1 and it takes up around 1 GB if your phone is currently running iOS 15.0.2. That’s a lot of space with plenty of features, and downloading, installing, and setting up your apps will take a long time.

An update always brings something new and needs space to download its benefits. If you don’t have enough space, any update you start may get stuck in the middle or stop after a long wait.

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