When should I replace my Android phone?

Do you prefer Apple or Android? Truth be told, everyone suffers some form of damage sooner or later. Review the warning signs below to determine if it’s time to sell you a new phone or replace your battery.

  1. Can’t download the new update? – Updates are available for security reasons. If you can’t download, you risk the security of your phone and personal information.
  2. Your battery no longer has a charge: If your phone randomly shuts off in the middle of the day after a full charge, it barely has a charge. It may be time to replace the battery. To save battery, please charge your phones properly. Avoid overcharging and charging overnight. Once the battery reaches 100%, unplug it.
  3. Lag: Is your phone moving too slow? It freezes? Does your touch screen no longer work? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, try deleting apps, pictures, and anything you don’t need on your phone. If that doesn’t work, it’s time for a new phone.
  4. Cracked screens: need we say more?
  5. Band or lines on the screen – The internal screen is damaged. The lines will gradually expand until they take over your phone.
  6. A broken power button – The power button is the most important, really one of the only buttons on your phone. What can you do without it?
  7. Your phone should grow with you: If life or business requires a software update, upgrade your phone to make your life easier. Meet all your needs without the stress of an old phone.
  8. Does it turn itself on and off? – Call the Refurb Kings to have your battery checked before you call the Ghostbusters. The battery may be bad and you should consider replacing it.
  9. Overheating or bulging: If your phone overheats with or without use, replace it as soon as possible. We know that phones can explode and endanger you and those around you. A bulging battery is an indicator that chemicals are breaking it down. Be careful and have your phone serviced or replaced.
  10. Camera: Selfies are supposed to be quick. If your phone takes too long to capture a photo, that’s a bad sign of longevity. The camera should not lag between the blinds.

Battery drains quickly

Do you spend more hours charging your mobile device than using it? Batteries may continue to work, but they don’t last forever.

How often should you replace your Android phone?

Common wisdom is to wait for your phone to crash, but that doesn’t always apply to Android phones. The average phone has to be replaced after two years, thanks to poor support cycles. But some manufacturers hope to change that. Read on to find out why you need to replace your phone more often. Here are three reasons to replace your phone more often. Below are some reasons why.

– The Latest Technology – The newest flagship phones are often the most expensive. These phones are generally faster, have better screens, and longer battery life. Manufacturers typically support flagship models for three to four years, but you may not be able to get software and security patches for older versions. So you may want to buy a new phone every three to four years. For most people, one year is enough. However, if your smartphone is more than three years old, you may need to update it sooner rather than later.

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Think about accessories

Part of keeping your phone alive is keeping track of charging cables, the headphones and even the cases. The older your phone is, the more difficult it will be to replace these items. If you lose the charging cable from a three-year-old phone, you may not be able to replace it if newer devices have a different charging port. Then it’s time to say goodbye to a perfectly good phone. However, a good phone repair shop has access to more equipment than the internet, so you might as well give us a call if you need a replacement to see what we can do.

Of course, the most fragile part of any phone is the touch screen. Although you can replace broken screens, in many cases phone insurance companies simply exchange the entire phone for a replacement, defeating the purpose of keeping your phone alive to prevent electronic waste. We recommend always using a case to protect yourself in those times when your phone feels slipperier than a bar of soap. We also recommend taking a cracked screen to a qualified phone repair service (like ours!), as we may be able to help you replace it, rather than the entire device.

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