Which iPhones are being removed?

Apple on Monday announced iOS 16, the next major update to its operating system. Now that the update has been officially unveiled during the WWDC 2022 keynote, we finally have details on which iPhone models are compatible with iOS 16.) 3: Do you see beta versions of iOS 16 instead of final versions?

If you participated in the iOS 16 beta program, you will continue to receive beta updates instead of final versions on iPhone.

You can leave the iOS 16 beta program to stop receiving beta updates on your device.

Is it possible to delete pre-installed applications on an iPhone?

“The answer to that question is yes and no,” Jackson said. Some pre-installed apps can be removed, others cannot. If you have an older iPhone, touch and hold an app icon until it starts blinking. Did an X or minus sign appear in the corner? If so, the app can be removed. Otherwise, the app cannot be deleted.

Speaking of apps you may (or may not) find useful, here’s everything you need to know about digital wallets and how they work.

  • You want to reset the app to its factory defaults because it’s a problem.
  • You suspect that the app is causing problems in other parts of the device due to crashes that started occurring after it was installed.
  • You want to remove some of the data from an application. (For example, apps that keep track of your credit card information.)
  • You no longer use the app and want to free up resources such as memory and loading time. After all, the more apps you have running in the background, the slower your device will be.

Removing the back cover of the original iPhone

Unlike many first-generation smartphones, removing the back cover of the original iPhone can be a bit tricky. After removing the SIM card, lift up the antenna cover. Remove a few screws, then pry around the case to remove it. The process is shown in this video:

If you have an iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, SE, or 6, you can remove the back cover using a pentalobe screwdriver and a suction cup. Remove the two screws on each side of the Lightning port, place a suction cup on the bottom of the front screen, and lift it up. You may need to help him with a spudger or picks (guitar picks will do) as shown in this video:

iPhone 8 End of Support Date

Apple released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, in 2017, more than 80 million units were sold worldwide, but the company stopped manufacturing the phones in 2020. As you know, Apple kept releasing other newer models with even better features. For the record, Apple releases a new iPhone model almost every year, and the iPhone 14 is the most recent series.

According to the Web site d’assistance d’Apple, la société continues d’offrir des services et des pieces d’appareils pendant cinq ans à compter de la date à laquelle le dernier lot du modèle a été distribué à the sale. This period can go up to a total of seven years depending on the specific parts and availability.

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