Which is the No 1 OS in the world

Ah, the operating system. A boring subject? Can be. An essential part of modern life? Absolutely. Just like the haircut you choose, the operating system you use can completely alter the appearance of your computer’s hardware capabilities. Many of you will have seen the ups and downs of popular operating system fads cross over into the mainstream, while hiding behind Unix or Unix-like systems. But have you ever been a victim of these disastrous systems? Read on for our definitive list of the 8 worst operating systems (in no particular order). Release date: 2001

No, that was not a typo. This operating system was also not a creation of Microsoft. After the disastrous launch of ME, the creators of Lindows wanted to attract Microsoft customers to their system that combined the UX of Windows and the open source capabilities of Debian Linux, hence the name Lindows. Unfortunately though, none of the apps worked and when they did they were incredibly slow and buggy. After several naming copyright infringement lawsuits, Microsoft paid $20 million and Lindows became Linspire. They got theirs. Their mission is to unleash the power of Android and bring productivity to everyone.


iOS is a proprietary operating system controlled by Apple and runs only on Apple’s own devices. This works in favor of iOS over the Android operating system that lives on multiple device manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Google), each with their own security standards and approach. Apple also has strict requirements to list an app in its store. They check if you are a legitimate business, the fees are much higher than Android or Windows, and they have all apps human tested before shipping.


Apple iOS

If you want to buy an Apple smartphone or already own the device, you will find iOS on the device. iOS, just like macOS, is part of the Apple universe and gives you some of the best and most advanced features ever. Just like with macOS, you can easily share data from an iOS device with any other device in the Apple universe. In addition, you also get features like a smoother interface with attractive graphics. Some other features of the most popular operating system include:

4- Ubuntu Touch

This Android alternative is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system that is made by the community. UBports.

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