Why is there no iPhone 9?

Although we’re only on the iPhone 5, this year it’s moving to the iPhone X. The very idea of ​​the iPhone X is the number 10, which, as mentioned, references the 10th anniversary.

On the other hand, that means it’s going to be an expensive phone. That Ellen DeGeneres said one, not me.

New? Nope!

It was also suggested that if they released models designated 8, 9 and 10 within a year, it would encourage consumers to consider version 9 as the middle option. I would encourage people to go with the 9 over the 8. In other words, it’s a bit of smart marketing to try to drive sales of the two new models instead of dividing them into three.

There are a few other theories floating around, one of which suggests that they may have been reluctant to use the number 9 due to its negative connotations in Japan. In Japanese, 9 sounds like their word for “suffering” or “torture,” so it is believed to be an unlucky number.

The iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary

In November 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X to commemorate the device’s 10th anniversary. The Roman numeral X replaces 10. It is also the only iPhone whose name includes a Roman numeral. If Apple used the iPhone 9 to celebrate ten years of the iPhone, it might seem a bit strange. It was best to avoid the iPhone 9 because the number mismatch could cause even more confusion.

In its tenth year, the iPhone was called 10. Apple was also interested in making the tenth iPhone something special. The iPhone X replaced the home button with FACE ID and was the first smartphone to hit the price tag of $1,000. It also had a new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus design.

Why didn’t Apple release the iPhone9?

Apple released the first iPhone in 2007 for the first time after much trial and error. 2017 marked ten years since the first iPhone was announced. They wanted to do something exciting and different for their first birthday. Thinner bezels were also trending in 2017. Due to the delay of the iPhone, Apple wanted a solution to overcome this as well.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus offered an increase in their specifications. To give it a new look and keep up with the trend, they needed to make some changes to their product. The combination of thinner bezels and the special occasion of its one-year anniversary was just right for the launch of the iPhone X. Apple iPhones

Finally, Apple’s mobile phone goes straight from iPhone8 to iPhone X. The medium may be iPhone XR instead of iPhone 9 transition. ‘iPhone 8 and iPhone X released in the same year, the gap between the two phones is very large. iPhone 8 uses an LCD screen on the screen, the pixel density of 326, the screen ratio is 16: 9, and the iPhone X is replaced by an OLED screen, the resolution is increased to 2436 * 1125, the screen is also upgraded full screen. Also, the iPhone X is relatively more than the iPhone 8. The change is very obvious.

But the iPhone 8 is much more like the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR uses the same LCD screen as the iPhone 8 and the pixel density of 236ppi. The iPhone XR simply replaces the iPhone 8’s 16:9 display with a full screen. The entire screen has a more fringed design, so the iPhone XR looks more like the iPhone 8 upgrade and looks more like the iPhone 9 replacement.

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