Will iOS 15 slow down my iPhone 11?

Checking the possible causes before looking for solutions is what you have to do to deal with a problem as frustrating as this one. So, let’s break that down first.

There is nothing new about iPhone slowdown after update because it has been around for a long time. As to why it triggered in the first place, there are several things causing the problem.

The result: Is iOS 16 slower than iOS 15?

To cut to the chase: iOS 16 doesn’t slow down your iPhone. On the contrary, in many areas, the new software improves the performance of older iPhones. For example, Safari on iOS 16 (especially when loading images) runs 20% faster than iOS 15.6.1.

The result is not as clear with the CPUs (processors) as with the Safari tests. The iPhone X chip is the one that benefits the most from the update. This phone gets even faster with iOS 16. Compared to the other two phones, the differences are negligible.

Enable unused app download feature

As we mentioned earlier, insufficient storage space may be the reason why your iPhone is slow after a software update. So the best way to free up space is to use unused app dump feature.

1. Go to Settings and tap General.

Tip Update your apps

Apps installed on iPhones with older versions will sometimes affect iPhone performance as these apps may not be compatible with the latest iOS version 16 published. So an urgent mission for us is to update the versions of all applications. To do this, it only takes a few seconds. Click on the “Update All” option after going to the App Store. All apps will be updated to the latest version after that.

App cache and app data will be saved on your iPhone when you use an app after installing it on your iPhone. However, a lot of app data will be stored if you use it more frequently, which may cause iPhone to run slower after the update. We suggest you remove the apps you no longer need in this case. Clearing caches will improve your iPhone’s performance for the apps you use every day.

Why some people don’t trust new versions of iOS

It’s understandable that some people are still wary. Apple made a huge mistake years ago, a mistake that cost it at least half a trillion dollars. It started surreptitiously slowing down older iPhone models. He claimed he did this because devices could otherwise crash when their processor needed more peak power than their nearly depleted batteries could provide.

But there were accusations that Apple was limiting older devices to convince its users to buy new ones. There was a massive lawsuit that cost the maker of the iPhone half a billion dollars. And other countries have imposed their own multi-million dollar fines.

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