Will Linux ever surpass Windows

In the above case, when your application does not require a Windows operating system and the Linux operating system is cheaper, a prudent project might choose to use the Linux option.

An application service in the south of the UK using the Windows operating system, on a standard S1 tier instance at the time of writing, would cost £68.01.

Which is the most successful Mac or Linux window?

Since Windows is the most popular operating system, it has more users than the other two. In terms of users, Linux is the least used operating system. MAC has a global user base of 7% and is one of the most popular programs.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the top three operating systems and compare and contrast them. They are the most powerful systems on the market and are part of 99% of all computers. Speed, bandwidth, processors, etc. are all factors that influence the transmission and distribution of data. There are several areas where Windows 10 shines better than its competitors. The gaming experience on Windows has gradually improved, allowing you to run 8th generation games without crashes or driver issues. Even though Linux is not the best platform for gaming, it is slowly gaining ground on Windows. Mac OS X is Apple’s operating system for its Macintosh computers.

Windows 11 vs. Linux, who wins?

For testing, Phoronix decided to use a Windows 11 Pro by Microsoft and three different Linux systems: Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 22.04 with Kernel 5.18, and ClearLinux 36580, the latter doesn’t make much sense as it’s not even one of the 70 most used distros in the world.

It’s true that Windows seems to limp a bit when it comes to coding in WebP, or working with OpenJDK, but in the rest of the tests it performed much better than Linux. There wasn’t a single test where Linux outperformed Windows in all tests, because somehow Microsoft’s system managed to get ahead of Linux, be it compression, encoding, CPU acceleration, or particle tests, to name a few.


ReactOS is a very old operating system that has been actively developed over the past two decades and claims to be the most aesthetically pleasing operating system that completely robs you of Windows.

If you thought Windows 10 was pretty cool, give ReactOS a try and you’ll hardly ever look back. The operating system comes with a complete and unique set of customization that is quite comparable to Zorin OS but much more extensive and consistent across the entire operating system.

Why replace Windows 7 with Linux?

Enter Linux. Linux is a completely free open source operating system. 14% of Vivaldi users are already there, as our browser has pretty impressive support for Linux. And as if that were not enough, a good part of the developers use Linux as their daily driver.

Replacing your Windows 7 with Linux is one of your smartest choices yet.

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